"My network has definetely expanded since I started in NECON"

Magne Lie, Project Manager

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Ytrebygdsvegen 215
N-5258 Blomsterdalen

Hordaland is the maintenance and modification county of Norway. The industry is characterised by active efforts within oil and gas, focusing on niche areas within subsea. There is also a lot of activity within construction.

NECON Bergen specialises on supplying services within the region's growth areas. The Bergen office covers the Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane counties.

Frode Vatnelid, regionleder, NECON AS

Regional manager

Frode Vatnelid

Mob: 90 02 35 31


Svein Farsund, avdelingsleder NECON Bergen

Department manager

Svein Farsund

Mob: 90 11 10 16

Erling Oftedal, kunde- og konsulentansvarlig

department manager

Erling Oftedal

Mob: 95 78 31 99


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