Supplier of competence

We supply and develop the competence of experienced engineers and consultants. If you need engineering services, we have special competence within this field.

Our engineers work on national and international projects and within different fields. Our main focus is engineering and specialist roles within energy, oil and gas, construction and other onshore industry.

From us you can hire a consultant or an entire project team, depending on your needs. We strive towards being a good partner and finding the best solution for your company.

In addition to these services we have some internal development projects, where we among others collaborate with NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) in two development projects for new oil spill response equipment. These are exciting projects which may make oil spill recovery more efficient.

We also supply the product IDAW – Inside Diverter Aqua Washer. IDAW is a product which is installed under the drillfloor and cleans the lower part of the drill string without personnel being involved. Read more about IDAW here.

Many of our managers are engineers themselves, and have worked as managers within oil and gas or construction. We know the market and are able to relate to the various roles and needs that are to be met.

One of us?Skilled employees are always welcome!

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