Mutual development

Through continual conversations with your HR manage we shape your future in NECON. Our professional seminars and our competence development fund are the cornerstones of our competence development program.

Annually we set aside several million NOK to our competence development fund, which provides many of our loyal employees with opportunities of professional updating and continuing education. Through our competence development fund, you as an employee can apply for financial support for anything that is important for your development, from single courses to master programs. Your future in NECON is planned together with your closest supervisor, and is documented in your career plan. Your development is followed through continuous dialogue and appraisal interviews.

The company's specialists share their knowledge through internal specialised courses and seminars. These seminars are very popular, and are held by engineers with 10-40 years' experience within their fields. The seminars provide useful insight in relevant fields, and give you a wider understanding for use in your daily projects.

Annually there are several professional courses in all our departments.

One of us?Skilled employees are always welcome!

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