Career plan

We have a long term agenda with you as employee in NECON. All NECON employees shall have a plan for personal development.

Follow-up, status reviews and constructive feedback puts your development in focus, and will at all times be on top of our agenda. NECON is a company where people's competence and performance is essential, and therefore it is in our common interest to develop your competence.

It is important to raise awareness regarding where you want to go and what new knowledge we can add together to reach our goals.

Your career plan is created together with your HR manager and the professional supervisor in connection with your appraisal interview. The plan shall be a help to set clear goals for your development in NECON, and to document intermediate goals along the way. Your wishes and needs of continued education and courses are reviewed with your supervisor. This forms the basis of your application to the NECON Competence Development Fund.

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