Lead Drilling Engineer

We are looking for a Lead Drilling Engineer for a project with an O&G company.

Job Description

  • Develop optimized drilling practices for exploration, appraisal and development wells (offshore), incorporating the most appropriate technologies and construction methods
  • Define drilling operations plan and support its execution providing engineering advise and updating, when necessary, well design and execution plans, complying with Company HSE standards
  • Define design for specific wells based on request
  • Prepare detailed specifications for well casing profile
  • Assess the well construction related risks and propose mitigations
  • Preparation of the detailed Drilling Programs
  • Support blowout potentials evaluation and relief well drilling strategy
  • Assist and verify preparation of call-off’s for required materials and services accordingly to the program and contract
  • Establish a time and cost estimate for well construction phases
  • Support the consent and discharge permit application processes
  • Monitor and support the well execution process
  • Support the end of well report and certification process
  • Support the preparation of the end-of-well report and ensure best practice and lessons learned are captured, shared and codified
  • Coordinate and mentor DEs and support WEM
  • Be “on top of the job” at all times across the well construction activities and provide guidance to the team

Qualifications Requirements

  • Bachelor or Master degree within the field.
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in well engineering
  • Familiar with Planning & Activities, such as: Subsea well head system & dual activity rig, Horizontal Drilling, Drilling Operations, Drilling Fluids & Cement operations, Design/Operations, field experience, Risk analysis
  • Experience of design and operations under prevailing Norwegian standards and particularly NORSOK D010, D01, M01, OLF017, etc. and Eni STAP
  • Advanced Drilling: Lean & Extreme Lean Profile, Geosteering, Multilateral wells
  • High Profile Drilling: Extended Reach Drilling, Hp/Ht Drilling, Wellbore Stability/Sand Production/Prediction & Control
  • Software: Landmark Drilling Suite (Compass, Stress Check, Well Plan), Peloton WellView

Due Date: Applications handled at an ongoing basis within 10.11.2021

Duration: 1 year

Location: Stavanger

About the position

Lead Drilling Engineer
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1 jan 2022
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