Our core values are important to us; they are more than just words.


We shall show generosity of spirit when meeting customers, colleagues and other stakeholders.


We shall be engaged and inspire each other in everyday life.

Mutual development

We shall contribute positively to other's success through active support and guidance.


We shall be openminded to new ideas.


Quality, health, safety and environmental policy

NECON is committed to meeting or surpassing the customers’ needs and expectations, supporting our quality goals, as well as continuously contributing to improving the effectiveness of our quality control system. Each employee acknowledges the following principles:

  • Work according to the assignments and systems
    • Follow established processes and recommend changes if they are for the better
  • Work responsibilities
    • Know the processes and what the customer requires
  • Work safety
    • Preventive measures protect both the employee and the product.
  • Collaborate and communicate
    • Great deliveries are normally the result of good communication between the involved parties. This enables it to progress as planned, and we prevent unwanted surprises later in the value chain.
  • Collaborate with the customer
    • Work according to the philosophy that the next person who receives a product or service from you, whether internal or external, is your customer.

NECON’s HSE policy is to remove all work-related illness and injury. All injuries have a cause. When the cause is identified, injuries will be prevented. We are keen to achieve:

  • No incidents or accidents
  • No personal injury
  • No environmental harm

NECON’s goals shall be achieved and maintained through HSE routines:

  • Establish a sense of well-being among the employees.
  • Further the employees’ intellectual and social development, including professional development within their fields.
  • Prevent work-related accidents and losses (physical or other)
  • Identify and eliminate bad working conditions

NECON wishes to be a value-creating business unit in society. By supplying services and products characterised by reliability, high quality, safety and environmental awareness, we ensure customer satisfaction and our continued presence in the market.

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