How to write a good CV/resume

There are many ways to design and write a good resume, and of course lots of pitfalls. We will share some advice on how to prepare a targeted and effective CV.

Having a good Curriculum vitae, or CV as often called, is incredibly important. This is often the key to being called in for a job interview. At the same time, many people are very uncertain about what to include in a CV. What order should one have? How far back should one go? Should you include a photo? How long should a resume be?

A resume is not an autobiography, but a presentation of your work experience and education. Therefore, it has to be short and precise. It must also be adapted to the position you are applying for. Highlight experiences, courses, education, and other factors that may be relevant to the wanted job. The more thorough you are in the description of education, work experience, work assignments, skills, etc., the more likely they are to keep reading and look at your application.

Avoid bragging and subjective descriptions of your personality in a resume. If you have a bad CV, chances are you will be rejected.

- The more relevant projects and jobs they have had, the more likely we are to want to read on the CV, says Erling Oftedal in NECON.

Have a clear and neat structure in your resume. As mentioned above, it should be adapted to the job you are applying for. Therefore, use headings and emphasize what is most relevant. Then the potential employer won't have to look for the desired and wanted information.

The order is important in a resume. Start with what you've done most recently and go back in time.

Many wonder if you have to have a photo in a CV. It is entirely voluntary, but it does not hurt. When you first have a photo, it should be a portrait that shows your face clearly - from the chest and up. It should also be relatively new. If you have long hair in the picture but meet in the job interview bald, it can turn out unfortunate.

Many job titles are a little explanatory. The titles can also have different meanings from workplace to workplace. Therefore, provide a brief and clear explanation of your title and the duties you had. Keep in mind that a resume should be concise and precise. Also, spend time on proofreading. A resume should not contain typos.

Extracurricular activities
If you have experience with volunteer work and/or other duties and activities, this should be mentioned. This information should not be the main focus of your resume but can tell a lot about you as a person.

SEO & linking
Digital resumes and CVs allow you to add links to results and relevant information. If you have worked on specific projects that you can read more about on the internet, you should link to this in the CV. Or if you have a digital portfolio you want to showcase. As long as it is relevant to the job you are applying for, this should be included.
It would help if you also thought through search engine optimization in your resume. It makes you more visible to recruiters and potential employers looking for someone like you.

You do not need to send over certificates, diplomas, or other documents in a CV. But if you are a recent graduate, you may want to add this.

Download our CV template free of charge! It is optimized to the current standard and contains everything you should include in a resume.
Also, check out the other tips in the NECON portal. There you will find a lot of information about resumes, job searches, job interviews, social media and so on.

" Most are hardworking, takes the initiative, and are result-oriented. At least in the job applications. We recommend dropping these clichés and rather tell you who you really are. "

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How to write a good CV/resume

There are many ways to design and write a good resume, and of course lots of pitfalls. We will share some advice on how to prepare a targeted and effective CV.

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– It was a great compliment when NECON contacted me. It is difficult to get through and land such a job.

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