How to write job applications

CVs and job applications are often linked. These two documents are, your primary entrance ticket to a job interview.

At the same time, it is essential to distinguish between application and CV. Where you in the latter should have a brief and accurate presentation of backgrounds and experience, you should in the application elaborate why exactly you are the right person for work.

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Common thread
What you highlight in your CV, you should also be highlighted in the job application. These two combined should show that you have both the professional and personal qualities of the job you want. Keep in mind that it has to be short and precise!

Customize the application
When one has read that many applications and CVs as we have done, one can quickly tell if its copy-pasted or not.  A great application and resume should be tailored to the job you are applying for. Look at the ad and show that you have what it takes.

Tell who you are
Most are hardworking, takes the initiative, and are result-oriented. At least in the job applications. We recommend dropping these clichés and rather tell you who you really are. Write about your personality, what's most important to you, what's motivating you, how you work, and so on.

Be yourself
Honesty is the best policy. Give an accurate picture of how you manage stress, which skills you have, positive sides, and negative sides. Try to give a good description of personality and expertise without bragging.

Important information
What is your motivation for applying? Why should they choose you, and what can you contribute with at the workplace? All of this is important to have in the job application. If you really want the job, this should shine through.
A recruiter and potential employer are thinking about whether you want to do the job, whether you are motivated, and how you will fit in. Give a good answer to these questions and thoughts in the application.

Spend time on the introduction
Stand out, especially in the summary/introduction. If you write just like everyone else, you can give the impression that you are the same as everyone else. If you have a good introduction and summary, you provide your employer with a good reason to keep on reading. There is no definitive answer as to how the introduction should be. Remember to adapt to different positions and immediately give the employer the wish to read on and get to know you.

Avoid unnecessary typos or information that is not relevant to the job. Spend time on the details, and feel free to ask a friend if they can help you look over. They can also see if the application truly reflects as you are a person.

Check out the other work advice and tips in our portal. There you will find much information about resumes, job searching, job interviews, social media and so on.

" Most are hardworking, takes the initiative, and are result-oriented. At least in the job applications. We recommend dropping these clichés and rather tell you who you really are. "

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