– An Engineer's Dream

March 19, 2024

In December, Odd Arne Hella entered his second period at NECON. Now, he feels he has found a job he can see himself in for many years.

– This has been a very good match for me. The future prospects here are bright, and it's an especially exciting company to be an engineer in, says Odd Arne Hella.
In December last year, the man from Stord began his "System Engineer" role at Enhanced Drilling through NECON. Although only a few months have passed, he doesn't regret for a second his decision to accept this opportunity.
– A very exciting opportunity came up through NECON. They were familiar with me and my skills from before, and this position fit me like a glove – both in terms of interest and what I want to work with. I've only had positive experiences so far.

An Advantage

Hella boasts a solid background – both practical and theoretical. Although he is "only" 30, he can point to 15 years of experience. He was an apprentice at Kværner on Stord, which resulted in a certificate as an electrician before he packed his bags and moved to Australia to start his engineering studies. He enjoyed his time "down under". After 4 years of study, he moved, as he puts it, "right into the bush" and worked at a defence base for the "Royal Australian Air Force."
NECON was already in touch with him when he was working in Australia. When he returned to Norway a year later, NECON offered him an opportunity at Aker Solutions. There he was for about 3.5 years before he wanted to try something new. He moved to the construction industry as an Electrical Engineer at COWI.

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His approach has always been to gain as much experience as possible. To acquire knowledge from all the skilled colleagues around him. This curious and eager attitude, combined with his practical background, makes the role of System Engineer at Enhanced Drilling a perfect fit.
– My approach has always been to have more than just a theoretical understanding. I wanted a practical relationship with the equipment. This has proven to be an advantage in all my jobs.

Involved in Several Phases

There he has a system role with a focus on electrical engineering. It allows him to use all his theoretical and practical competence – everything from writing equipment specifications to conducting tests and repairs of equipment offshore. He enjoys this variety very much.
– An engineer's dream is to be involved in several phases of projects – from design and construction to operation. Seeing things work and the solutions you've helped design actually being implemented gives you a whole different ownership of your work.

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Hella also highlights the short distance between the different departments in the company.
– The people you need to talk to are at most one link away. Such things make it easier to be good at your job.

NECON Ensured a Good Match

Hella praises NECON for providing him with this opportunity. Such a position is something he has long wished for but didn't have enough experience for before. And this is where NECON's role comes into the picture. By knowing Hella's background, experience, and desires, they saw that this was a good match for what Enhanced Drilling was looking for.
– NECON knew me and my skills. I would have missed this position if it weren't for NECON. I'm delighted with this, concludes Hella.

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