– I know I've made the right choice

December 3, 2023

In May, Daniel Wammen Langøen started his position as client and consultant manager at NECON. This is how he summarizes his first half-year at the company.

– It has gone incredibly fast, but that's because it has been so fun to go to work. I know I've made the right choice, says Daniel W. Langøen.

Praises the culture

Langøen has completed his first half-year as client and consultant manager at NECON and does not regret accepting the position. The man from Austrheim has been impressed by the mentality and culture at NECON. When he started the job, he highlighted the company's core values; Generous, Engaging, Enhancing each other, and Innovative. According to Langøen, these are values that one really sees reflected in the everyday work life as an employee at NECON.

– In NECON, they are really happy to give people opportunities. It doesn't matter if you get a job through NECON or accept other options that come up. Here, they want the best for people. It shows that the company's culture is excellent, and it's very lovely to see. It's something I recognize in my values. Both NECON and I have a genuine interest in people.

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Loves the pressure

The learning curve has been steep, but Langøen still feels that he has been able to make his mark on the company. Just as he has been involved in giving new opportunities to people, he has had the chance to develop NECON further.

– NECON should be a company that thinks a little differently. We should be the ones who are skilled and dare to take steps, and I feel that we are. Here, I feel that I can share my thoughts and that they are heard.

– What would you say is the biggest lesson learned?

– I'm used to sitting on the other end of the table negotiating contracts, but here, I have to negotiate on two levels simultaneously – both for the client and the candidate. This means that you have to think and act at a high pace. If it takes too long, you lose both the client and the candidate. Having said that, this is something that motivates me. I love the pressure, says Langøen.


When asked if there is a specific memory or event he wants to share, there is no shortage of stories to mention. The common denominator for most concerns the culture at NECON. How the company acts towards customers and candidates. This is something that has truly impressed him.

– I feel that NECON cares about people. They sincerely want the best for people. It pleases us if we've helped someone get new and better opportunities, even if they don't accept an offer from NECON. I think that's incredibly fun to be a part of.

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