Secured a permanent job via NECON

September 13, 2022

During the autumn of 2018, Tommy Aase accepted a job interview at NECON. After getting access to several exciting opportunities and projects, he does not regret his decision.

- At NECON, you get the opportunity to find the perfect workplace for each person, which has been the case for me. I love my job, says Tommy Aase.

Recruited via LinkedIn

That Aase would end up as a NECON consultant was far from certain just a few years ago. The Bergen native began his career as a carpenter but changed professions and retrained after a few years. He then started at an engineering company at Hop in Bergen before switching to Viking Life-Saving Equipment. He was there for eight years before NECON discovered his profile on LinkedIn.
- Tommy had the profile and expertise that NECON are looking for, says Erling Oftedal at NECON.
And it didn't take long from the inquiry on LinkedIn until Aase showed up for a job interview. Nor did it take long before he was hired out to TTS – or MacGregor as it is today – as a NECON consultant.

Loves his job

Since this October day in 2018, Aase has been solving problems for several customers through NECON. As a senior mechanical engineer, he handles mechanical products from start to finish in several different projects. This means that he is responsible for following up the engineers who design the company systems, as well as following up on offers and delivery of various products to customers.
- I like everything about this job. Everything from sitting in the office and finding solutions to travelling and following up the projects with subcontractors and customers. That I get involved in the process from start to finish is a lovely part of it, says Aase.

Unique working experience

Through all the different work tasks in recent years, Aase has gained a unique experience, and he is not alone. Working as a consultant gives you a considerable variation of tasks. And when you have finished the assignment with the customer, NECON helps you find new projects and assignments adapted to your skills and interests. In some cases, you may also be offered permanent employment at the companies you have been assigned. The possibilities are numerous.
- I was very positively surprised by life as a consultant. I imagined a somewhat unsafe everyday life, but this was not the case. NECON has done a great job here, and I always felt safe and looked after.

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