NECON Vinterkarusellen has finally started

November 5, 2020

About 500 runners finished this season's first race of NECON Vinterkarusellen at Fana Stadion this week.

- Vinterkarusellen is an excellent way to get extra motivation and traction to improve and maintain your shape throughout the autumn and winter, says Frode Vatnelid, regional manager at NECON.

NECON has, for many years, been the main sponsor of NECON Vinterkarusellen, and this year will be no exception - even with COVID-19. Organizer Gneist has done an impressive job of facilitating a safe event.

Photo: Arne Dag Myking

- Many will probably miss the "queue running" - to always have someone to compete against. But at the same time, this is the offer we have right now, and we hope everyone had a great night in the area on and around Fana Stadium, Gneist writes on their website.

The next race is on November 23rd at Fana Stadion. Do you want to join? Click here for registration and more information about NECON Vinterkarusellen.

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