Warm Success in the Winter Cold

November 23, 2023

Nearly 800 enthusiastic Western Norwegians completed the season's second race of the NECON Winter Carousel.

The NECON Winter Carousel has long been a recognized event hosted by the sports team Gneist. It inspires running enthusiasts to challenge themselves and keep their training morale up even when the temperature drops. This year's edition of the Winter Carousel has been no exception. This week saw the second race of the season take off.

Foto: Arne Dag Myking/Kondis

- It is very pleasing to see so many wanting to participate in the NECON Winter Carousel - ranging from beginners to active veterans, says Frode Vatnelid, regional leader at NECON.
Before the race on Monday, there were 1008 registered for the entire carousel; a good additional number are aiming only at individual races. The registration numbers are increasing daily, and just through NECON, we have 69 people participating.
Vatnelid also praises the sports team Gneist for doing an outstanding job planning and executing the popular carousel. The races occur in the evenings every third Monday until April 8th, with the start and finish inside Fana Stadium.
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