The Project Manager's Key to Success

November 2, 2023

– It's surprisingly easy to step in and do a good job when everyone pulls in the same direction.

Much Responsibility

That's what NECON consultant Torstein Frønsdal says. The Bergen native worked for over a decade in the consumer market - including in the Carlings and Session system - before he decided "to grow up and get an education," as he puts it. A lot has changed since then. Now, he works for NECON as a project manager at Alimak, but what does that actually mean?
– The moment a product is fully engineered and produced, I have full responsibility from A to Z. Everything from commercial and technical aspects to keeping track of the documentation.
In other words, there's a lot to manage, but Frønsdal enjoys it. He also emphasizes the importance of having a team that pulls in the same direction.
– Delegating is an essential part of my job, but Alimak has a community that works very well together.
Pulling in the Same Direction

He highlights "structure" as an important qualification and trait in the role of a project manager. He is a fan of simplifying processes, and he is not afraid to suggest new ways to solve tasks and problems. But even with all of this in place, one doesn't get far without a good community around them. This is something he emphasizes repeatedly.
– The strong team spirit at Alimak is crucial. It's surprisingly easy to step in and do a good job when everyone pulls in the same direction. The company wants to evolve and listen to its employees, Frønsdal explains.
You mentioned this about important traits and qualifications, but what is the most fun about being a project manager?
– Reaching a goal and achieving things. Delivering on what I'm asked to do is what motivates me the most. Not money, says Frønsdal.
Varying Days
Like in our previous article about NECON colleague Lars Lindland-Talle, Frønsdal finds it hard to describe a typical day at work. Significant variations mean no two days are the same. He explains that he often has a desire or a plan for what he wants to accomplish day-to-day but usually ends up doing something entirely different than he anticipated.
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– In this industry, the ball bounces in many directions. Some days, I might accomplish everything I set out to do, while others I might only get a fraction done. I try to stay ahead of the game and never fall behind. That's very important to me - especially the work necessary to complete our projects.
More Than Just Business
NECON says they have an extensive network of contacts that provide access to various exciting projects - both nationally and internationally. And according to Frønsdal, these are not just empty words. He praises the effort NECON made to find the right job for him.
– NECON genuinely wants to help people advance and assist them in roles that suit them. It's not just about business for them. They genuinely want people to do something they enjoy. That has been a great comfort to me, concludes Frønsdal.

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