The chaos pilot from Sognefjord

September 15, 2023

Initially, Lars Lindland-Talle had no plans to change jobs, but then he was tipped off about an exciting opportunity.

- I wouldn't have left Kongsberg Maritime for just anything, says Lars Lindland-Talle.

The Perfect Position

The 42-year-old Sognefjord native never expected to become a consultant just a few months ago. He was happy in his role as an Electrical Design Engineer at Kongsberg Maritime.

- Initially, I didn't envision switching jobs. I was very happy at Kongsberg Maritime.

Then the perfect opportunity arose, which also came with better conditions. The 42-year-old sought a challenging position. Once the ball started rolling, he didn't take long to accept an assignment through NECON as a Senior System Engineer at Enhanced Drilling.

No Two Days Are Alike

- I have no regrets at all. Now I work with very exciting equipment in a good environment with great people. Here, I really get to challenge myself with larger projects and a lot of responsibility. This is something I really enjoy.

Lindland-Talle struggles to describe a typical day at work. There is nothing like a typical day at Enhanced Drilling. Some days, equipped with a helmet and safety shoes, he's in the workshop conducting tests. Other days, his hours are spent reviewing drawings, spreadsheets, and responding to emails. He has also had the opportunity for an offshore trip to observe company equipment in operation. He appreciates the combination of theory and practice.

- I love practical work, but I've developed a greater appreciation for planning and organization over the years. Here, I get a perfect blend of both.

NECON is one of the reputable consulting firms that can offer exciting opportunities and permanent employment.

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Chaos Pilot

The Sognefjord native enjoys his new life as a NECON consultant in Enhanced Drilling but doesn't think it suits everyone. Some qualities and qualifications are essential to have in your toolkit.

- You must be curious and a good chaos pilot. Your task is to solve a problem for the company, but you won't be given a step-by-step guide for what to do at different times. You have to figure that out for yourself. In that case, you need to showcase yourself by being self-driven and having a high level of execution.

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